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You may ask yourself, why S.A.R.O. was founded ....


S.A.R.O. is a group of animal lovers from Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, who can no longer look at the immense animal suffering in the streets. Although since April 2009 an Animal Welfare Act was established, its implementation is very slow.


The people have a very negative attitude towards the animals, and thus some people would like to return to the old system, in which the animals were collected and then killed cruelly. The animals are defenseless and at the mercy of the people, many are tortured, stoned, run over intentionally or their legs or tails are chopped off for fun and they are left to die. And no one is held responsible, let alone brought to justice…


We have all used our private money and could help some of the animals to a nice, sheltered life, but what about all the other tens of thousands of animals who cannot get this chance? Does not each and every one have the right to live free from fear, hunger and pain?


This is why we are fighting for the animals TOGETHER. Together we can achieve more, together we are strong.


We are trying to fight the problem at its root, that is, the many, many animals, which multiply immensely, despite the high mortality rate, must be neutered to prevent animal suffering.


People must be educated to neuter their animals and must be convinced that dogs are more than mere guarding machines, that they have needs. It is unfortunately not common that dogs are given food and water every day, not to mention the possiblity to run around without the chain.


With your help we can succeed in preventing animal suffering and help them.


To save a dog does not change the world, but it will change the whole world of this dog ...


Finally I would like to add a verse from the Talmud:

Whoever saves one life, saves the whole world ...



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