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Nicola Mair



I was born in 1976, work in an office of the University of Innsbruck und study parttime German language and German literature. Having always loved animals, I sometimes drove my parents to distraction as a schoolgirl, having birds, hamsters and mice as pets, until at last I was allowed to have a dog.

In 2010 I eventually had the opportunity to be active in animal protection, and also learn about this in other countries. The pictures of the stray dogs and stray cats specially in Bosnia I could not forget, so I decided to help. With Birgit and Sejla I have found a super team and we work in our spare time to help dogs and cats in Sarajevo and to reduce their suffering.

My own dog, Caala, an Australian Shepherd Dog also motivates me as well as Desiree, a cheeky little cat from Sarajevo. In December 2011 we were joined by Cassie, a little black mongrel also born in Sarajevo on the street and was rescued by Adela.

Sejla with a puppy from street

Sejla Prolic



I was born in 1982 in Sarajevo, where I gratuated from the contruction engineers, but I work as a store manager. All my life I have loved animals. In the beginning I had small pets like birds and fish, but my big wish was to have a dog. My favorite pet is my German Shepherd dog named Salem and I have had him now for 10 years. 3 years ago I saved a small dog from the street where I live. He is a mongrel and his name is Nelle. Since 2009 in Bosnia there are many animals on the streets and because of their suffering I decided to dedicate all my free time for them. Since2012 I know S.A.R.O. and we have made castration projects, help injured and sick dogs on the streets, also puppies which where abandoned and alone.



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