The situation in Sarajevo


 Although the war has been over for 15 years, ist traces are still visible. But the war is not over for the stray animals. They struggle daily with hunger, thirst, cold, diseases, and also against each other, because only the strongest survive.

 In the best cases the people ignore them, but they are often chased away with stones or abused for fun or run over and then just left to die.

 A large proportion of the population is not cleared up regarding neutering. They hang their dogs on a chain, the non-neutered females get pregnant and the puppies are then simply thrown out to the street, or kicked out of the car beside a garbare container in another part of town.

 Many puppies are killed by the adult stray animals, die from diseases such as parvovirus and distemper or malnutrition. Those who survive, propagate and again create new puppies. And so the cycle is spinning more and more ...

 The main objective is therefore to neuter stray animals, vaccinate them and provide them with medical care, because many of them have injuries or are sick.

 It makes little sense to bring thousands of dogs to Austria or to Germany, if nothing changes in Sarajevo.

 That is why we also want to cooperate with local authorities and animal welfare groups, raising public awareness of the misery and also supporting projects that carry out animal welfare education in the schools.


 Nevertheless, we also want to help some of these dogs and cats find a sheltered home where they will be loved and secure, but of course only after they have been thoroughly examined and fully vaccinated and chipped.



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